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Ancient Israel was and still is in Southern Africa

We are a core group of believers, that believe that the ancient land mentioned and described in the Bible, is nowhere near or ever was located in the area today know as the Middle-east. If you read and consider ancient history, way before Europeans, before Mohammedans (and the modern Turks), before Romans, before Greeks, before Persians, before Chaldeans (whatever they where) and even before Babylonians, the world was a very different place. Both geographically and ethnically.

And people back then also, off course, had a completely different outlook on the world as we know it and take for granted today. Both in terms of ecologic preservation (living with the land) and spiritually (thinking in terms of being in tune with Nature and God). For starters - Jerusalem was described as being `on top of` or above the world - being the mother of all` (Gal 4,26), which, if regarding a different size shaped earth (round, flat, a pyramid or a cylinder for that matter), would place the city in the area of South Africa. Furthermore, in ancient times the East was described as being towards the North. This makes you wonder who really set the standard for how we today perceive the world and have been forced to view it as a small speck in a vast universe... Is it true? The Chaldeans will be covered (if time) in future at greater length, but there are some deep roots intwined in the concept of Latin (and Greek) and Chaldean language, which seems to be somewhat ingrained in the old culture of South-Africa. History has been rewritten people, dont be so surprised if you`ve never heard of any of this.

Where exactly this ancient city of Jerusalem was, and remember it was Completely destroyed after series of savage invasions chiefly by the Romans - is not easy to ascertain. Though I do have suggestions, based on personal beliefs and a good deal of cultural, archeological and linguistics proofs. The city could very well have been close to the Western Cape, and cities like Capernaum (Cape Town). Remember these sites are vast, and the land around is even more vast. Others say it could have been across the Mighty Mountains of Lesotho, others again have pointed out Namibia. Others have pointed out Western Cape, adding a great body of water on the Plains of the Great Karoo.

As for the fabled 12 tribes of Israel? Well, they have already been gathered and have been placed around in their respective countries in the land beyond (south) of the Kush, areas south of modern day Ethiopia. Referred to in the Bible as the land of Canaan, but also in other places of Africa can the ancient Hebrews be found.

Preposterous? Let Scripture be your guide. Try to read the verses with unbiased eyes, meaning, not with a catholic, adventist, protestant, mormon or even a christian mindset. You won't get anything out of it. Instead try to read what the verses say without a theological exposition telling you what they mean..

...pretty clear to see that this gathering is what the Saviour accomplished, or one of the many things He did during His time on earth. The `city` of Umthatha (which actually means `Beloved` in Xhosa, not only Take him Father) could turn out to be close to the ancient city of Jerusalem. Other sources point to Lesotho even others to a deserted place in Namibia, time will tell where the Great City was. It will not stay hidden forever. Now rather than listen to men or lean on ones own understanding, the people should listened to the Father of Creation - So NiNi na NiNi. In time He will show all where this City was.

You must understand that this place of old, Jerusalem was up and running in ancient times, but there would be left not one stone upon another, meaning it would be destroyed. And it certainly was.. Now this city in ancient times would be comparable to cities like L.A. or even New York or other cultural heady cities like Paris or Constantinople, in terms of being a gathering point for the people. The Temple was there and sacrifices was being made...

The Saviour came and had a new and rather different message, where He desired mercy not sacrifice...hence the need for a Temple was not so great, BUT the need to understand ones own temple (and how to make it acceptable to So NiNi) became evermore important.

"...What Temple will you build for me...?"

Isaiah 66,1; Acts 7,49

Though the city was destroyed the villages survived and lived on in the nearby area, where they still are today...

The Romans, who completely destroyed the ancient city, left rural areas intact, where stories such as these (thankfully) live on to be told through a hazy but discernible generational folklore.. So what can you, being Bantu, European, American, Asian, etc - get out of this? It might just be that NiNi, the Most High Creator, has started to call the peoples of the dispersed multitude (the ones grafted into the olive-tree of the Saviour (Msindisi) back to their respective tribes (who have already been gathered back and into in the land beyond the Kush). As for the tribes and trying to trace ancient lineages....there are many tribes and broken off branches to chose from, and granted they have `other` and indiscernible names nowadays, the time will come where ancient names like Judah and Levi again will be used for the respective Biblical tribes...

This article will be updated - continually

Uxolo lube nani

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