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This blog is about... Africa

No surprises, this blog is about things people didn't know or have forgotten about the beautiful and ancient land of Africa... 


Forgive me if posts get fewer and or further in-between, I do also have a job and at the same time doing my utmost to finish a degree in ancient languages. I will also use this platform to shed light on nutrition and connect the forgotten anatomy found in Scripture. We need to bring that back too. The restoration has begun and people are waking up. Are you satisfied with what they teach are true and not? Tired of being fed lies? Seek the Almighty. And let's become the people spoken of by Isaiah as `Repairers of the breach` (58, 9-12).


We must come to together. We can grow together - Then things really will begin happening.


Use this information to get closer to So NiNi na NiNi, the Creator of all things. Draw near to Him and He most certainly will draw near to you





Uxolo lube nani