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 This blog is about things people didn't know or have forgotten about the beautiful and ancient land we today know and call Africa... Now forget all you have been taught in history lessons about the location of the land of Israel, it was not in the middle east, never was. The 12 Lost Tribes of Israel was never lost, they still very much down in the Southern parts of Africa... Ndebele, Pedi, Swati, Benjamin, Zebulon (Zulu), and Naphtali (Natal), Abrahams's descendants are still there.


  Find forgiveness if posts get fewer and or further in-between, but the pages authors are growing and new viewpoints are coming in from all over the world. Praise So NiNi ! We will also use this platform to shed light on nutrition and connect the forgotten anatomy found in Scripture. We need to bring that back too.


 The restoration has begun and people are waking up. Are you satisfied with what is being taught in churches as being the truth? Tired of being fed lies? Seek the Almighty. And let's become the people spoken of by Isaiah as `Repairers of the breach` (58, 9-12).


We must come together. We can grow together - Then things really will begin happening.


Use this information to get closer to So NiNi na NiNi, The Creator of all things. Draw near to Him and He most certainly will draw near to you


Any questions, please feel free, we are here to help

Dreams, visions and or revelations are also welcome for interpretation



Uxolo lube nani


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