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uMthetheleli - The Comforter?

Messages comes flooding in these days from people wanting to know more about the name So NiNi na NiNi, and how to learn more in general about South Africa or some just need help in discerning the truth all-together. We at this blog by no mean have all the answers, but there is a Spirit that does have all the answers. So if you ask in the Name So NiNi, answers will be given (Matthew 7,7).

In light of coming posts, on the Trinity revealing its pagan roots, we will firstly explain which Spirit to pray to and in which name you should be asking when you pray, the name So NiNi na NiNi, The Name of the Father.

Now then, if you read John 14,15-17, you will in the Xhosa version (1975) find a phrasing, not explanatory in the English as Comforter or Redeemer. In the Xhosa version you find the word/title uMthetheleli - and it is what we will be looking closer into and trying to fatten it up a bit. That is to say, give it some more meat on the bone so that people understand the power being given to them when praying in the name So NiNi and connecting through the Spirit of Truth. Meaning all truth. And if you ask from a pure heart, not from gain or want, but a wish for betterment of yourself and your fellow man - answers will be given. Now locate your Bible - Lets go !

"15 Ukuba niyandithanda, yigcineni imithetho yam."

"16 Mna ndiya kucela kuBawo, aze aninike omnye uMthetheleli, ukuze ahlale nani ngonaphakade:"

"17 uMoya wenyaniso, lowo lingenako ihlabathi ukumamkela, ngokuba lingamboni, lingamazi nokumazi. Nina niyamazi; ngokuba uhlei nani, kanjalo uya kuba kuni."

So this is Immanuel speaking, saying that `one who represents you` will abide with us forever. Meaning there is a Spirit that represents us, speaks for us. Umthetheleli means that, the one who represents you, or speaks on your behalf. A Comforter, which is found in english versions, is not really explaining the word or how things really work for believers. Here are some explanations of this Spirit.

In other words this Comforter, a middle man so to speak and or Representer in court is the one testifying on your behalf, speaking for you. Not against you which is the one that accuses which is all cases is the devil. Accuses everyone night and day. This Spirit of Truth (uMoya) will however come to you and teach you, in a modern phrasing This Spirit has got your back - because you believe in the Son and that He died for you. This Spirit will be that little voice in your head telling you what is right and what is not right, the more you sin and do wrong the smaller and more faint the voice becomes. Feed this voice, feed this Spirit, nurture it and have it growing by doing what is good and right before So NiNi.

Now this Spirit, is the same one that descended like a dove in Luke 3,22. It was not a dove, that is mixing animism - beliefs of symbols (images), which So NiNi hates. It was a representation of a dove, as soft and gentile, not the form but the motion of a dove it was. The Spirit of truth is the one who will tell you these things and start teaching you about the law, a journey which never ends mind you because there is always room for improvement, not in a competitive way you are only competing against yourself. One should always seek to improve oneself not to be justified before So NiNi that one cannot be and never will, but to come closer to Him one must rid oneself of the traditions of men.

Now learning to seek this Spirit is an exercise inn-itself, and takes practise to learn to be quiet and listen to what the Spirit has to say. Now listen, and this is important there are thousands of spirits out there, you give them belief they can give you power. People praying to Zeus or Amen, Yah or Yahushua are among many so-called believing people that has been opened up to these kinds spirits. But there are many others people worship today, spirits of lust, greed, jealousy (coveting) and even hatred... These are very deceptive spirits full of judgement and illogical frames of mind, most are well set in their sins and will not budge no matter how good an argument you present in the Spirit of Truth. They may lash out or manifest various things in front of you because of the things you say, especially in all truth and honest faith. Then you can tell they are not sharing the same Spirit you are.

You must understand that if you then call on the wrong name, you will get the wrong spirit. It is like having the wrong number, your call will be answered but not the one you wanted or had wished to call. If you call on JeZues (Jesus) you will (in the end because of people telling you this is the way it is) get the white blue eyed christ so many people worshipping today, or Osiris the Egyptian fertility god worshiped by many women in the western cultures today or Amen the household name for most readers of the Bible today sealing their prayers with his name day after day. Do not call any of these, you got the wrong line you got the wrong number. Call on So NiNi na NiNi, call on your Father - uBawo, onezindlebe makezwe (Matt 11,15)

This might be take the wrong way for some people, still it has to be said. Not everything is written in the Bible. Many things in the daily lives of today will have to be discerned by a spirit telling you either about people (getting a bad feel for somebody) or about things you watch in the news. Now the Bible is not spirit, it is a physical thing, written on paper, the spirit of Truth is not physical, it is in fact spirit. And it knows everything, you better believe it, it knows everything. It will tell you about a person, if you listen carefully you will know that persons sins even before they open their mouth, all because of the Spirit of Truth discerning and showing these things to you. It will also show you every wrong phrasing in the Bible, everything added in there by the Greeks also everything left out of there by the same people. Written or not written, the Spirit of truth knows it all.

Identifying this Spirit is easy as it will never depart from Scripture. It will never depart from the Word of So NiNi. And here also lies the problem of plenty people today knowing verses and quote Bible - like it is their own truth, yet they have not been instructed in Scripture. They do not know it in their hearts. Nor is it precious to them as truth often becomes. They call on Greek and Egyptian gods, keeping their holidays and abiding their traditions like its something So NiNi taught them. First thing the Spirit will teach a person is to unlearn these pagan traditions. The same believers are also not trying to keep the law, trying to understand it, they could not be bothered with the commandments because some preacher told them about the law being nailed to a cross or something like that. Haibo Haibo ! this is not the way. It is no way at all, blind leading the blind (Matthew 15,14).

When So NiNi is speaking through prophets in the Old Testament, that is called Scripture. When your Lord and Saviour Immanuel - Msindisi - is speaking in the New Testament, that is Scripture. Everything else is basically up for discussion and interpretation. Whatever you then get from what Sprit you are consulting, you must approach Scripture and compare with what it says. The Spirit of Truth comes from the same source as the source behind the words of Scripture, it will never deviate from it. It cannot depart from the Word of So NiNi. Now that is a great comfort, is it not? No matter what any man tells you, you can always know and move closer to the truth...

Uxolo lube nani


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