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the trinity 3.0

So then we go deeper. And before we go back and have a look at the split. A time where a new Gospel started emerging, something which happen very soon after Christ and his true followers walked the earth. We will be looking into the very beginnings. And it will surprise some (others not so much) that the very beginnings of the "three in one", goes right back to the tower of Babel built on the planes of Shinar. A place most likely north-eastern Africa, with the Euphrates River starting all the way in the Southern African parts (around Port St John) flowing all the way down towards these areas. And in these now very arid (less blessed) parts of the African demography (such as Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Ethiopia, etc) this story happened some time after the flood. But these locations is a geographical lesson for another time.

At the time of the Construction of the Fabled Tower of Babel, man had (as is about to happen now) multiplied and was joined all under one language (Genesis 11,1-4). As the words go Cush was the son of Ham and grandson of Noah (Genesis 10,1-6). Now Cush was helping his son, Nimrod, in his conquest of ruling the world through something of a counterfeit religion. Nimrod was the first originator of what we call sun worship and the very founder of Babylon (Babel). If you read the Bible on your shelf there, it might read something like (Genesis 10, 8-9):

Cush was the father of Nimrod, who became a mighty warrior on the earth. He was a mighty hunter before SoNiNi; that is why it is said, “Like Nimrod, a mighty hunter before SoNiNi.

If we consult the Targum, which is like an old oral/spoken interpretation of The Books of Moses, the Targum Jonathan version tells us:

Nimrod became a mighty man of sin, a murderer of innocent men, and a rebel before SoNiNi.

You see the language reads differently. Nimrod founded Babel which then in time became Babylon, the place where the tower "whose top may reach unto heavenwas built by Nimrod (Genesis 10-11). Now the Babylonians called the tower “Babel, the gate to heaven,” but SoNiNi called it “Babel, confusion,” furthermore it was there SoNiNi struck people and confused the languages and forced them to scatter. Now much like today the people of Babel wanted one ring to rule them all, one government to rule the world and one religion to imprison the thought of men. This was Satans attempt to defy SoNiNi and His everlasting authority. However He came down and stopped this attempt, so the people scattered to different parts of the world (Genesis 11, 8-9).

Get this, Nimrod had a plan to strengthen his Babylonian doctrine, so he saw fit to marry his own mother Semiramis (yho). She was the first queen of Babel and Nimrod the first king, so they had to marry right... So much so was their fall into depravity that they was sacrificing babies in no time, feeding their dark lord in their utter foolishness. Now Shem, one of Noahs three sons, became so infuriated with this man, that he (Shem) cut him up into small pieces and set the example for others not to go into such dark places. True stories people.

If we consult Alexander Hislop (1807-1865), the Free Church of Scotland minister, he wrote in his pamphlet The Two Babylons (1853):

“...the Tower of Babel was actually the worship of Satan in the form of fire, the sun and the serpent. However, Satan worship could not be done openly because of the many who still believed in the true God of Noah. So a mystery religion began at Babel where Satan could be worshipped in secret.

Now Nimrods death lead to his followers (along with Semiramis) were afraid to continue their worship (they didn't wanna get cut into pieces). This in turn made them go underground, secret worship with mysteries and deceptions. After Nimrods death Semiramis claimed when her husband died he went up to the sun, a ray of sun then came to her making her pregnant, hence he had now reincarnated as the sun god. This child was called Tammuz and in these three people, we have the first united trinity.

Hislop wrote in The Two Babylons (1853):

The trinity got its start in Ancient Babylon with Nimrod - Tammuz - and Semiramis. Semiramis demanded worship for both her husband and her son as well as herself. She claimed that her son, was both the father and the son. Yes, he was “god the father” and “god the son” - The first divine incomprehensible trinity.

As the story continued back in the day, Semiramis has lost her mind all together, boldly claiming Nimrod was a god and she now would be a goddess. Then her cheese slides right of the cracker and announcing herself as `Queen of Heaven" and that she will be should be worshipped accordingly. Now her madness had no bounds and soon proclaimed her spirit was the moon and when she died she would dwell there, her husband being inside the sun somewhere from her previous stories...

If you look into fables, this is how they are conceived. Through a long life of events, and instead of searching for true meanings in life and SoNiNi, you search for that you know not. Some sort of ever evolving system of belief. paganism, shamanism, voodoo, easily paralleled with some sort of christianity today. Now paganism is worship of the devil. It searches avidly through creation for meaning and systems, but does not seek the One who created it all. Mystery of iniquity/immorality some calls it. At this point in time Semiramis (or Ashtarte as she is soon to become), is getting involved in deep sin with her many priests, concocting much fresh devilry as they progressed. Back then (as is today) there are many statues/idols of these woman with her child. Only today they call her Mary and baby Jesus, though that is another story. A catholic story.

Semiramis, or then Ashtarte, was soon hailed as “The Queen of Heaven” and she became the symbol of the moon and her husband Nimrod, who was called Baal, became the symbol the sun god and hence his symbol became the sun. Moving on then, we now see that the trinity its origins in Babylon.

We also find that this worship of three was further carried into all the different cultures that we have today, but they took on different names after all SoNiNI had confused the languages (Genesis 11). So in Egypt the trinity became Osiris, Horus and Isis (image on the left). In Greece it was Zeus, Apollo and Athena, And in India there was Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (bottom left). Notice also the yellow halo around their heads which represents the sun god. The system of Rome adopted the same symbol where you see saints with a halo around their head. Most tend to think that this means they are holy but it actually represents the sun god. And speaking of Rome, they had Jupiter, Mars and Venus.

Now, as previous articles have show this is by no means a comprehensive list but in all the many cultures and pagan systems of worship, we find that very few deviate from this ultimate worship of their gods, which always ends up in three. So these started at the same place, but under different languages they get these different names. But if you do the research and go back in time, we find that most all known cultures had a three in one god union. Now there are many rabbit trails we can start chasing in uncovering the old teachings. We cannot trace all of these, but they seem to respond to these finer points of the same theory of the heathen trinity.

  • three beings is one triune god

  • one father, one mother and one son

  • son is father incarnate

  • all three are deified as gods

  • these three are one god, one in three forms/three in one

  • the father is mentioned less and mother and son receives worship (Marie and Jesus)

  • one god playing three different roles (depicted with three heads)

  • often the third person of the trinity is somewhat evil and a destroyer

Now in this summery of the heathen beliefs, number 1 is the creator, number 2 is the maintainer, and number 3 is the destroyer. Let it be clear Nothing is written about this in Scripture.

Alexander Hislop summed up the trinity with the following (Hislop, 1853:17),

“All these have existed from ancient times. While overlaid with idolatry, the recognition of a trinity was universal in all the ancient nations of the world.”

All three of these persons/entities was one divinity, the sun. This medium is an ancient form of worship practised all over Africa and India, especially (also by the catholic church). Just as under Babylonian sun worship, they noticed the sun had three distinct stages (Morning, Day and Night), which fitted with he worship of three gods. The rising sun gave way to new life, full grown and mature sun at noon, and the dying setting sun at the end of day.

If you read in volume 7 of New International Encyclopedia (1917) under Egyptian Deities (NIE, 1917:529)

Three became the most universal number of deity. Sun worship is one of the most primitive forms of religion, and early man sometimes distinguished between rising, midday, and setting sun. The Egyptians, for example, divided the sun god into three deities: Horus, rising sun, Ra or Re, midday sun, and Osiris, old setting sun.

So the pagans believed the the three phases of the sun was the three manifestations of the supreme deity, showed to us through the Egyptian sun gods. So what they believed in was manifested through the cycles of the sun.

So, as it goes when breaking one of SoNiNis main commandments (not to make yourself any images) you get symbol worship. Because just like the Roman cross is worshipped today, symbolism is very effective and often used to disguise a religion. So these three interlocking circles formed a so-called equilateral triangle, where all sides are equal. So there is an element of math involved where you get 180 degree angle, where each triangle being 60 degrees, adding up to the fables 666 which was supposed to be the fabled mark of the beast, or the mark of a man, as it is revealed to us in Revelations 13,18:

Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

We remember Thomas Dennis Rock who wrote in The Mystical Woman and the Cities of the Nations (1867:22):

The ancient Babylonians recognised the doctrine of a trinity, or three persons in one god— as appears from a composite god with three heads forming part of their mythology, and the use of the equilateral triangle, also, as an emblem of such trinity in unity.

On the top to the right you see the idea, and symbolism being born. Now you can go as deep as you like into this world of numbers and symbols, but the Babylonians had these things pretty much covered to a T. And people today are just copying their systems. Sexagesimal (base-60) numbers, from which we get 60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute, 360 degrees in circle, etc. Now the Babylonians had a worship system of 36 gods, which included the sun god (Nimrod father of all gods) as number one, with mum (Semiramis, Ashtarte) as number two.

The gods numbered 3 to 36 and was considered the children of the sun god, and the various stars and constellations these gods was known to be associated with, like the Romans took this further with Mars and Jupiter. See the Babylonian solar seal amulet (on the left) has the numbers 1 to 16 (and the number 66 underneath these). The Babylonians was so pious and god-fearing (something fearing anyways) they believed these amulets had more power to protect them and they could not be struck down having one of these (with this arrangement of time) around their neck. Now these things, dug up from archeological sites around the world, are almost impossible to find and are in private collections among the rich.

The Catholic Church (ancient Rome) has clutched this number to her chest, and we find this number given a name Babylon the Great, in Revelations 17,5:

"And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery Babylon The Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth."

On this image you see whats called the shield of the trinity, its origins is somewhat unknown but can be found in Celtic folklore and therefore in Hindu symbolism, and probably traces back to Babylonia again. In some form or another. The point is that if you believe in the trinity, this is essentially what you bow down to. When your theologian is done explaining its complexity to you, this is what you get. SoNiNi does not like symbol worship, as He is beyond form and shape, beginning and end. He is one therefore those who believe in Him is one. On this they agree and do not disagree, and they worship one not three.

Now these interlocking circles/sections, also known as triquetra, represents three in one and is found in different pagan institutes of belief. This symbol will be etched in temples, shrines, esoteric paintings and carvings.

If you read the New King James Omissions A. V. Publications, on their website, you will find this (

“The NKJV logo is the ancient symbol for the pagan trinity, not the Christian Trinity. Use of number symbols can be traced back to Pythagoras (582 B.C.) initiate into the Egyptian mysteries. The symbol was popularised again by satanist Aleister Crowley for the Royal Arch (Lucifer) of the 3rd Degree of the York Order of Masonry. They symbol's shape is duplicated as three initiates join arms and feet, while repeating the names of ancient pagan trinity. The NKJV's symbol can be seen on satanic rock group albums like Led Zeppelin, as well as on new Age bestsellers like the Aquarian Conspiracy.”

So we see the the symbol is used by various factions and can be found in the strangest places and especially in popular culture today. But also on the covers of Bibles. Yes, the New King James Bible and the New International Version has this symbol on them. If you read the Ten Commandments you will see that SoNiNi cares little for images and symbols, and gives people over to worship what they create inside their minds. Now remember in Numbers 33,52:

Then you shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you, and destroy all their pictures, and destroy all their molten images, and quite pluck down all their high places:

Now if you confront Christians or believers in this, they will (often out of ignorance) deny or subvert to devious arguments that it`s not pagan in origin or you just don`t understand the complexity of the relationship between the three. Well, I sure don`t understand it. Because it seems made up.

As we have seen the concept was brought in by these different factions of churches and believers that came shortly after Christ and His original Disciples. These (some of them Bishops) started teaching the trinity (just like the Greeks) and also outlawed the ancient calendar effectively removing the Sabbath Day worship, also by instating the Roman Catholic Calendar as the norm to follow when it came to telling time. And all happened just like Daniel predicted (Daniel 7,26). So it seems that by the second century the true Church was scattered and suffered waves of persecution that often resulted in death. But these held firm to what they had been taught, even though Roman authorities was after them, and did spread far outside Africa. In turn the Romans saw they could not silence them, and thats when the assimilation started. If you cant beat them join them. And so they did, only creating a religion of their own in the process. We will return to this timeline of the church believers in the next article.

The Devil (satan) desires to be worshipped like the Most High (Isaiah 14,12-14) and he has done allot of work to ensure this. Changing the calendar, making Sunday the day of church going, the trinity doctrine, mingling of philosophies, just changing the messages of the Gospel, which has resulted other things done by different churches up throughout the ages.

If you read Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890) and An Essay on The Development of the Christian (Newman, 1945:373)

The use of temples, and these dedicated to particular saints, and ornamented on occasions with branches of trees; incense, lamps, and candles; votive offerings on recovery from illness; holy water; asylums; holy-days and seasons, use of calendars, processions, blessings on the fields; sacerdotal vestments, the tonsure, the ring in marriage, turning to the East, images at a later date, perhaps the ecclesiastical chant, and the Kyrie Eleison are all of pagan origin, and sanctified by their adoption into the Church.

The Catholic Church and her adoptions of pagan rituals has been extensively documented, we will add a few of these at the end so it can become visible that the Catholic church took these pagan beliefs, mixed in the Gospel and tried to make it their own. Sound familiar yes... he, the devil wants to be like The Most High. And it seems they are well aware.

If you read John Francis Sullivan and The Externals of the Catholic Church, Her Government, Ceremonies, Festivals, Sacramentals and Devotions (1942:156):

It is interesting to note how often our Church has availed herself of practices which were in common use among pagans … Thus it is true, in a certain sense, that some Catholic rites and ceremonies are a reproduction of those of pagan creeds…

Try having a discussion about this with a Catholic, that they brought sun worship and distortion of time from the Babylonians. See their reaction. defensive and ignorance is most likely how they will react. Its even prevalent in their own authors, touting Protestants as being just as clueless believing in the trinity which cannot be found in the Bible.

Graham Green in Life, The Assumption of Mary (1950, 30/10):

Our opponents sometimes claim that no belief should be held dogmatically which is not explicitly stated in scripture ... But the Protestant Churches have themselves accepted such dogmas, as the Trinity, for which there is no such precise authority in the Gospels,

Archbishop James Gibbons (1834-1921) wrote in Faith of our Fathers (1917:106)

"The penetration of the religion of Babylon became so general and well known that Rome was called the “New Babylon.”

In Life of Constantine, written by Eusebius of Caesarea most likely in the 4th century, the Russian mystic Nicholas Roerich (1878-1947) quotes him in Atlai Nimalaya (Roearich, 1929:94):

“In order to attach to Christianity great attraction in the eyes of the nobility, the priests adopted the outer garments and adornments which were used in pagan cults.”

And lastly Professor of Religion at Harvard University Edwin Ramsdell Goodenough (1893-1965) wrote this in his book Religious Tradition and Myth (Goodenough, 1937:57)

“The Church did everything it could to stamp out such ‘pagan’ rites, but had to capitulate and allow the rites to continue with only the name of the local deity changed to some Christian saint’s name.”

In the next one, we go back to the timeline in the time just after Christ, where these central individuals (central to history) seem to have played a large part in influencing what would later become the teachings of churches such as the Roman Catholics and Protestants. Ever changing and adding to the Word of God. Thats a bad idea.

Uxolo lube nani


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