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Sabbath Origins

Another week has passed and as the weather begins to die down, with the winds staying at an overall low level all day. The Sabbath is near. It`s almost like the winds can only blow at a certain pace (if there is any wind at all) on this day, before the winds are forced down and must calm again. Such are the laws set on this day. It truly is a blessing, a special day, where the doors are open in Heaven (according to Ezekiel 46,1). And guess what, this day was created for man (Matthew 2,27-28).

However the Sabbath is not know among the many these days. Just as So NiNi does not show it to many. Why? Well, because they dont really want to know, about it or Him for that matter. They would much rather continue to serve something else, an image or feeble idea they may have of Who and What God is, or run after their desires and then may choose between a plethora of other gods. People easily choose to live in the sin which they love, beit greed, sensuality, anger or adultery. These may be just below the surface, being visible for all to see, like a prostitute or a thief, OR your sins may be hidden, even from yourself. Something you perhaps may not want to admit or see. These are the sins you must confess to So NiNi and ask for forgiveness from. And He gives more and more Grace (2. Cor 12,9).

Whatever conditions a person is content living under, or condition they are serving or feeding, sin is what you ultimately serve - therefore you will stay in it. Becoming as He says even filthier still (Revelations 22,11) Because of this, and not having accepted the sacrifice of Christ, are reasons why the true Sabbath stays hidden from people just as their sin stays hidden from them. No matter how simple you explain it to a person, they can't seem to let their old ways or their traditional go, without So NiNi whispering to their soul, that these things are in fact true. Showing them the verses and they would be convicted of being wrong and then healing would take place. Like the embrace from a lost Father (uBawo), a Father you did not even know existed - He would heal you.

Then, with a new pair of eyes, you would read the truth in these two verses:

`And So NiNi said, "Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years,`

- Genesis 1,14

`He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down.`

- Psalm 104,19

If this happens, and So NiNi starts drawing you towards Him - and verses like the above (and many others as we shall see) become accepted and true, some will have to immediately begin the arduous task of trying to get a job were you can spend the Sabbath in peace with So NiNi. A situation where you either have to explain to your superior the facts of the matter, when you can work and when you can't. Or over time, you may chose to become your own master, becoming you own employer and doing something good with your hands, to share with others in need (Ephesians 4,28). A long term goal is the latter. At our family we work all six days of the rest of the week to make up for the Sabbath day. So NiNi want us to keep busy and work (Proverbs 13,4).

Although I will be the first to admit that following the true ancient calendar of the African Children of Israel, will pose problems for the modern man and the people around him. Nevertheless, I choose to follow my Saviour and Redeemer. I have a wish to keep His holy days, just that, special, dear to my heart and inherently holy. A day where it is expected that I show up and meditate, pray and or fast (if possible). No matter my work situation or if people judge me in following these special days or even in sticking to a particular way of eating. I don't care either way what people say... Paul wrote about this, also.

`Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.`

- Pauls letter to the Colossians 2,16

I will continue to do what Paul recommends we do in his letters. However always remembering not to affect or put down the beliefs of my brothers and or sisters, if they are weak in the faith and or need guidance. Then try to give guidance and share of what little wisdom that has been given me and again get people back on the road of faith. Ask what So NiNi wants you to do and the person He wants you to become. And my inner heart tells me to forgive those who judge unknowingly, because I just to be just like that in my old ignorance and backward state of mind. Don`t judge them for their unbelief. That does not mean that you should become a doormat for other peoples opinions and or judgements. Speak out your mind.

The Sabbath does exist people, and it ain`t Saturday or Sunday. It is the seventh day of rest (or cessation). Orthodox Jewish people, some of the modern Samaritans and certain Christians such as the Seventh days Adventists and some Baptists refrain from work and spend the day in church or at home, these congregations. Depending on what religion you approach, they all have different takes on how and when the day should be revered. Scripture tells you all you need to know, dont let any man tell you what it says or what it really means. Both Saturday and Sunday are not the Sabbath. Never was. choose to honour Saturday (Saturns day). While the rest of the Protestant and Catholic world (especially), have chose Sunday. They all start their Sabbath from Friday night until Saturday or Sunday even (when the witnesses/stars appear on the sky). So, what day are we talking about?

I dare you to do this, ask the Spirit of So NiNi for guidance. To come to the understanding of Scripture and what Scripture is saying as plain as day. Read Hebrews chapter 4 or Romans 14, what do you think those verses talk about? How about the man of lawlessness, in Daniel 7,25, that was gonna change the times or the appearance of the times? This already happened, we are living it in folks. Times have been changed - And history keeps repeating itself. Snap out of Babylon, get away from the confusion. God is not the author of confusion, He created both you and the world around you. He certainly knows how to set the times, He set all the times - as for when the rain needs to come, when the spring is to start or when the tree leafs should fall.

If you want to be free, do not listen to other people what they say or infer on every matter which they profess to be wise in. They will tell you something they have heard themselves from someone else, and this is something that is practised on nearly every matter in many social gatherings and social settings today. The amount of ignorance and fear is quite scary, people will regurgitate what they learned in school or what their parents told them, without ever having thought about the matter for themselves. There might not even be the minutest shred of ability of individual thought in them. Not one original thought may ever have dwelled in them. If you have are having troubles seeing do not make such a one a counsellor.

Things you must consider if you reject the ancient Sabbath :

Study the Battle of Jericho, a seven consecutive day of battle, try to pinpoint which day was indeed the Sabbath.

Genesis 1,14

Psalm 104,9

Leviticus 23,1-3

Can you, by looking at the sun tell which day of the week or month it is?

Appointed times, set times, special times - are the times spoken of in Leviticus

Every weekly Sabbath can be identified in Scripture using the moon

If Saturday (or Sunday for that matter) is every 7th day in an unending succession of 7 day cycles, please show and tell where in Scripture it is

The Sabbath was, according to The Bible a so-called Lunar event, the calendar in the heavens

Can you proof a seven day cycle, going back all the way to Creation ?

Read the verses and whole chapters (such as Isaiah 56,2 ; 58,13) go to your room, shut the door and ask of The Spirit of So NiNi. The Most High will not turn His back on a person that seeks Him with simplicity of heart. Do not be double minded. Come to Him in one mind and earnestness. He will give wisdom in abundance to whomever seeks it. But the truth hurts, it always does.

If you need more flesh on the bone, do seek out sites such as these; (just gives proof that most all ancient civilisations used the moons phases to set the time) (Troy Millers very in depth site. He gives so much proof, you'd be fool for rejecting any of it). Such a nice person also, although still believing in Middle eastern fables) (do not condone the general information on this site)

Beware of their calculations of the feast days, most of people online do not take into consideration that ancient Israel was indeed in the Southern parts of Africa. Therefore their feast days fall on the wrong days even the wrong times of the year. Check out the Xhosa calendar post for more information. The Moon however, does not change its phases or appearances. Stays the same, for all to see, just like Scripture tells us in Genesis 1,14.

Uxolo lube nani


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