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The Eastern Gate

Now if you read your Scriptures carefully, it should be obvious that the calendar in the Bible and the calendar today is not the same. Which means people do not know the Sabbath (The African Samba), the ordained day of rest, nor does the People any longer REMEMBER know the Appointed Days. If you come to terms with that, you are ready to go deeper into your faith and following The One who bought and payed for you and all of your sins. Do you remember His Son that told you to go and sin no more...? Then not following the Sabbath would be sinning, would it not?

That being said, as a rather heavy introduction, we will in this particular study, instead of going on and on about the calendar (as we have so many times before) we will try a different angle this time. Using the Body of a believer as the Temple (since the Temple in Jerusalem has been destroyed) design by SoNiNi and replicated in Nature showing the time and signals given in the sky, the sun, moon and the stars. A wiseman knows how to discern these times, a foolish man will dismiss, or even worse think nothing of it, passing up on the prospect of growing as a Spiritual Human being.

Time does matter and the hour is getting late. Lets Dive !

Now there is a harmonic pattern in Nature that we certainly are called to follow and keep, such as the Sabbath and several Special Days (even weeks) every year. uMsindisi attended all these festivals and made all necessary offerings to the utmost perfection, not so you don`t have to care about these things, but to give you a clean slate before SoNiNi. So that you can come to Him with your sins, come to your Father, cleans yourself and walk the road of righteousness into Heaven. But how can you claim to know you Lord and Saviour if you do not follow his Commandments, not following Sabbath, nor know ANY of his special times?

Now back to this harmonic pattern found in Nature, a link to Heaven for mankind on earth, protecting and watching the rhythm of the Full Moons.

The Prophet Ezekiel says (Ezekiel 46,1):

‘This is what SoNiNi na NiNi says: The gate of the inner court facing EAST is to be shut on the six working days, but on the Sabbath day and on the day of the New Moon it is to be opened."

So then, the gates are open on the Sabbath and on the New Moon (which we believe is the Full moon). You find a distinct separation of days here, which marks the month even more (more on that later). This Sabbath day is now as back then a protective sanctuary as if the Temple of Jerusalem was still standing, designed by SoNiNi and built by Solomon, acted out by Moses by doing SoNiNis biddings, all done in a timely matter by signals of the sun, moon and the stars. These heavenly lights ensure a perfectly synchronised worship between SoNiNi and The Heavens, to mankind down here on earth. Now when the Temple was up and running in Jerusalem it was used as a guardian to protect the rhythm of the Full Moons with the starry constellations, to make sure knowledge kept since the days of Enoch was not lost.

For the ancient Bantus would gather together at nightfall discern and declare, The First Day of the Year, every Full Moon day and each and every special Feast, counting the days from New Moon to New Moon the seventh day Sabbath.

Now this way of reading the sky was done by a signal on earth given at the East Gate of the Temple of Jerusalem. This Gate was/is thrown wide open on the day of the New Moon and Sabbath day, then being closed six workdays of each week (Ezekiel 46,1-3). This piece of information reveals that neither Sunday nor Saturday has ever been the Sabbath. Who changed the times? Why does almost all the earth now operate under these western tellings of time? Did SoNiNi make us forget the festivals, the Sabbath even when a year starts?

To understand somewhat these questions, we need to get into Scripture. So then, there are these 3 verses in Ezekiel 46,1-3, that describe the foundational worship markers, where we find clear descriptions of the Eastern Gate as it is on the way to SoNiNis Great Mountain of Time, Mount Zion, a sacred mountain of the assembly of Sabbath high up there in the Heavens. Now when you use the principles of reading the heavens, regulated by the brilliant light of the Full Moon, with the stars at nightfall and the circuits of the sun in the sky, you will find SoNiNis calendar.

Now the FULL MOON is the only phase of the moon that arises in the EAST and shines even unto the west, ruling with the stars at night. NO half moon or small moon can do that. So by design it is the ONLY visible lunar phase you see both in the northern AND southern parts of the world in the same 24 hour period. It is this light that announces that the very next morning is the New Moon day and is the first day of the Month, counting Seven from that day until the Next Full Moon, will tell you the days of the Sabbath.

Now the 3 verses in Ezekiel do look similar to Genesis Chapter 1 and Exodus 20, now these and others identify the six working days and the sacred Sabbath. But in Ezekiel we find more supporting the arguments for a Lunar calendar, giving a fuller picture of what once was evident but we now have forgotten. If it were not for the two witnesses of Ezekiel and Isaiah 66,22-23:

23 From one New Moon to another and from one Sabbath to another, all mankind will come and bow down before me,” says SoNiNi."

It would be very difficult to prove the counting of weeks from the Full Moon if we did not have verses like these. The fact is they do exist.

Ezekiels Gate: Open and Shut

Now, verse 1 of Ezekiel reveals something now lost pertaining to the East Gate, that is regulated from one Full Moon to another Full Moon, every Month. This gate was meant to be thrown side open for the daylight proportional of each special time or Full Moon appointed times. These are specifically New Moon Day or Days, every Seventh Day Sabbath and one of the seven special annuals feast. Now the word sunrise is not mentioned, it implies clearly that the gate is to be open the entire day and closed at sunset. The Eastern Gate is then firmly shut at sunset and the end of 12 hours (it was 12 hour days back in the day, not our modern 24hour clock, which is Babylonian time reckoning).

Let us compare now and see what Ezekiel 46,1-3 teaches us:

  • The New Moon day is the first day of each month

  • The first day of the first week is then the second day of lunation, the day after the New Moon has risen in the East

  • The Sabbath is then the seventh day of each week, resetting on the eight day of lunation

  • Every other Month, a Seventh Day Sabbath will occur on the day prior to a New Moon Day

Now counting these, you start to see a calendar form these base points. We can see and identify when the Moon is Full and New on the night prior to Day 1, as it arises in the East to rule the night and sets in the west the following morning. Now the key here, is with the last Sabbath of the Month, as it relates to the Eastern Gate. Meaning the New Moon day(s) is the very next day after the Moon arises in the East. If you use 12 hours to declare Sabbaths and New Moon days (from sunset to sunset), you can have a New Moon Day after the sabbath. If you use a 24Hour day, you get into trouble easily. If you read Ezekiel 46,1, the East Gate is only open during the DAYLIGHT time from sunset to sunset. That makes the East Gate opened and or closed with a 12 hour Sabbath daylight followed by a night as an Intermission, reopened at the next day at sunrise for another 12 hour New moon daylight.

Now if you get into the evidence we find in our Bibles, we find a very much different way of telling time than modern Jews (in Pergamum) and ancient Romans all over the world was proclaiming. On the Sabbath then the East Gate is opened at sunrise and closed at sunset, which does help to separate New Moon Day and the Sabbath Day. The Eastern Gate then is opened on the Full Moon Day (New Moon Day) at sunrise and closed at sunset just as it is for the Sabbath Day. Nights are not counted as days. This then gives us 3 types of Days, Ordinary work days, New Moon Days and Sabbath Days.

Now this can be tested out in practise, just look randomly at a calendar to find the Full Moon, and the first thing you will notice is that the Full Moon floats through the western calendar, it seems not stable at all. However it is indeed the Gregorian/Roman calendar that is the floating one, going against nature. You will also notice that the New Moon lunar phases occur on Saturdays Sabbaths, going against all definitions in Genesis 1,14-16. Follow the sign shown on the Sky to the East, as a green light to the assembly that this is the time of worship.

At The Open East Gate

We could dive into modern Hebrew, however as we have said many times before, it will end in confusion as it does not (as it is being read today) reflect Ancient Hebrew or an African Bantu language. From the verses of Ezekiel, we can still see that he tells us to worship the Ultimate One to the East Gate. And we know the Temple is no more, still there are people that claim it is in the Middle East, but readers of this site know another story. Now we dont even know now were it was back in the day in Southern Africa. We can theorise, but it is hard to pinpoint exactly. But that does not matter because not only will it be rebuilt in the spot were it was, the earthly temple has been torn down as it was only a shadow of things to come.

Now you can worship in a temple made, not out of stone but made out of heavenly hands. Called out as a great mass of people to meet Him at the East Gate of the true Heavenly Temple, signalled at each Full Moon day and Sabbath day. It is the full phase of the moon that alone marks the rhythm of the Eastern Gate, from this sign in the East you can derive a schedule. Count 7 from the First Day, which is a New Moon Day, started the day after the sign is seen in the Eastern sky and moving west. Just count seven until you see the Moon in the East again, they you restart, not hard at all and quite simple. Also just as easy to forget. Now at the time when the Temple in Jerusalem was up and running, one would observe the New moon Day and Sabbath Day with sacrifices that started at Sunrise and Sunset. In Numbers these sacrificial routines are laid out, notice the amount of animals sacrificed increase on the Full Moon and The Sabbath Day.

As we read in Numbers 28,9-12:

" 9 On the Sabbath day, make an offering of two lambs a year old without defect, together with its drink offering and a grain offering of two-tenths of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with olive oil.10 This is the burnt offering for every Sabbath, in addition to the regular burnt offering and its drink offering."
"11 On the first of every month, present to SoNiNi a burnt offering of two young bulls, one ram and seven male lambs a year old, all without defect.12 With each bull there is to be a grain offering of three-tenths of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with oil; with the ram, a grain offering of two-tenths of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with oil;13 and with each lamb, a grain offering of a tenth of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with oil. This is for a burnt offering, a pleasing aroma, a food offering presented to SoNiNi."

Now from the language used here, and we are only left with the English carrier language to interpret. These sacred days had certainly strict ways of sacrifice, very specific. This shows the importance SoNiNi placed on these sacred days, you see the New Moon Days had more sacrifices than the Sabbath. Interesting.

These morning and evening sacrifices also gives evidence that all days end at sunset. Lets bring a Scripture in just for the naysayers on the 12 hour day, for it says in John 11,9:

"Immanuel answered, “Are there not twelve hours in the day? If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the LIGHT of this world."

Also reflecting Genesis 1,14-16., uMsindisi entered the Synagogue to worship at daylight (not at night).

Some History

Now SoNiNis calendar was designed in such a way that all, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, can see the Full Moon with their very own eyes. No need for a priest to tell you, no advanced mathematics, or the so/called Five rules of Postponement (google it). Now the last point is rather interesting because of a man called Hillel the Second, official head of the Sanhedrin at some point in time. The story goes as such that the ancient African Sanhedrin was under pressure from Rome and at one point gave in and this lead to Israel giving up on their traditional calendar (even though they still follow it in some rural areas). Now Hillel wanted to harmonise a calendar with both the sun and moon with Roman cycling weeks, hence the postponement of the feast days.

Listen to this well known Scripture with a different word instead of sun as the light source only (Matthew 24,27):

"Just as surely as the luminaries/Lights (sun, moon & stars) arise from the East and shine forth even unto the West, so it shall be the coming of the Son of man."

That one right there sends chills down any believers spine...

Lets dig more in Scripture and go to Genesis 1,16, and see what it says:

  • The Greater light was appointed to rule the daylight (sunrise to sunset)

  • The Lesser light was appointed to rule the night (with the stars)

  • All these lights rule from East to West, visible in the East ending its visibility in West

  • The Moon is in opposition to the Sun, they rule each time of day

  • Night means no sun is visible, it is gone by the time of the New Moon and the stars show (unless you find yourself in the Arctic in summer)

  • The New Moon cannot (nor any Moon phase) be ruling at any time

If you join these points together, you can find only one contender for the authentic and original Full Moon being the New Moon. So then, this calendar exposes allot of so-called Hebrew Roots factions, they are out of sync with Scripture and time itself (about two weeks off at all times). This results in an inability to accurately locate the Sabbaths or the Feast Days. The Romans removed the moon completely from their Sun-worship based calendar, having no hope of locating anything, creating believers such as Seventh Day Adventists, worshipping Saturn Lord of Saturday. You are what you worship.

When the Earthly Temple Ended

From this verse we see that when Israel was still obeying SoNiNi, they would worship every Full Moon and Sabbath before SoNiNi at the East Gate from sunrise to sunset. Now AFTER Immanuel, there would have been rifts. People trying the old ways still, with Priests and slain animals, but we know the Scriptures say I desire mercy not sacrifice (Hosea 6,6). So after Immanuel fulfilled his prophetic sacrifice as the Lamb of SoNiNi, then new foundation was laid. The inauguration of the true Temple, a construction made, not that of human hands, but the Son of the Most High. As our Saviour uMsindisi ascended he took another role as the High Priest Melchizedek, receiver and transmitter of prayers of confessing sinners while standing before His Father at the Altar of incense in the Holy of Holies. Wether people admit it or not, he paid for our sins, our indebted sins we are steeped in from brith, he paid in full that price when they hung Him on that tree. Therefore us sinners then, having admitted our sin and repented from it, turned away from it, have received the Son, the living High Priest Melchizedek, been given full forgiveness of sin, a fresh and clean slate, and been given the power to forgive sins just like Immanuel did. Come to the Gospel people and receive these gifts of the Spirit, come to the East Gate in according to SoNiNis calendar, who is waiting there to receive you into His Assembly.

Where is the East Gate Today?

Now you might ask questions like must we rebuild the Temple here in Africa Now? In Scripture it says that in the last days it will be rebuilt, but by whom? People should definitely not worship at the copy of Jerusalem (perhaps talked about by the Historian Josephus in the Middle East). But we dont think we should give our worship to either physical Temples, just as uMsindisi said, there will come a time where people would not worship at any mountain or Temple, but the Temple of their bodies. All you need to do, is connect and invite the Son of Man into your life, open up your heart and let Him minister unto you. Then you will find the place of the brilliant Full Moon rising in the East and shining all night, announcing SoNiNis New Month started. It is this Gate where you can make your matters known as the Gate is thrown wide open. The same place where the Sabbath day commences at sunrise 7 Days after the New Moon Day. This beacon of light that shines once a Month is significant !

If you can imagine, for a while that the Temple on the right is what it may have looked like back in the day. Now we the believers in Immanuel and SoNiNi naNiNi are the physical remain today of that once Great Temple - we are now in the outer courtyard of SoNiNis Heavenly Temple. We are invited to enter in through his Spirit, to move in to the sacred chambers along with Immanuel our High Priest, there we can make our plead to SoNiNi. Now let it be clear that it is through confession of sin and obedience to SoNini naNiNis and his laws and commands, observing his New Moon Days, Sabbaths and Feast Days, that we become citizens in the New Jerusalem, while we still are breathing and treading air on earth. At His Heavenly throne is where he welcomes us as Sons and Daughters to receive the forgiveness only a Father can give, through the Son of Man. By confessing our sins in obedience we stand to receive full and complete forgiveness, clothed with white robes like our High Priest Immanuel, he took our sin and gave us his righteousness. As a result the covenant with Abraham and written by the finger os SoNiNi on Moses Stone Tablets, Can now be written on the heart of repenting believers.

It is a false belief that you are forgiven because you believe that Immanuel died for you at the stake, and do not recognise the part each soul needs to play in their own salvation and the process of forgiveness. All must come before SoNiNi sacred seat of authority and confess all known sin to The Most High to have their sins washed away, remember without confession there is no remission of sins. (Mark 1,4 : Luke 3,3 : Luke 24,47)

Why to the East?

The Gate to the East is there because, all lights start their time of counting from the East, sun moon and stars all arise and begin their ruling times through coming out from the east. By following the East we align souls (our Temples) to SoNiNis heavenly Temple. You will enter the East Gate on the The First Day of Spring, were we 14 days later honour Immanuel and remembering Egypt by celebrate Passover, then comes Feast of Unleavened Bread, And all the rest at the Appointed Times. These are all rehearsals, Shadow pictures as Paul calls them, of things coming and awaiting us in Heaven. Make the effort to ensure that you have your name written in the Book of Life.

The Changing TIMES & LAWS

The angel that opposes SoNiNi, Lucifer/Mastema, really has got it a layers of deceptions related to TIME, as Satan declared in his heart (Isaiah 14,13-15):

How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! 13 You said in your heart, “I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of `SoNiNi; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. 14 I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” 15 But you are brought down to the realm of the dead, to the depths of the pit.

Now Lucifer (Satan or the blood thirsty Mastema) declared he would be like The Most High and sit on the Mount of the Congregation, meaning being in control of the Special Times. And Satan has been hard at work trying to get the nations to live and breathe by his western Roman Catholic Calendar. Now the devil has no power over the Heavenly Lights, nor does he possess the ability to move these original appointed times. They are fixed and there for the discerning man. The devils resort is to use his skill through fabrications and illusions, new systems of telling time and people that swear by them. Planting seeds inside world leaders to devise these calendars that truly are disconnected from the cycles of the Moon and the seasons in the Promised Land, South Africa.

Is there someone historically to blame for this destruction of the times? Well, its hard to think the Romans did not have a hand in this chaos of divorcing the moon from telling years, months and days. And Now Romans even have a church claiming to speak the Word of Truth, when it is indeed a web of lies. Over time there has been wars, many people killed for following SoNiNis ways, and truth has been lost on us as mankind being forced to accept the lies told by our Fathers or face certain death. But No More my people. We as believers in SoNiNi no longer retain, or pass on falsehood to our children. We will reveal to them what the Prophets knew, show them that salvation is given by SoNiNi through His Son.

We can blame other people, in the end it is ourselves we have to blame for forgetting the Sabbath and turning from salvation. The restoration however has begun, we will bring back these times of assembled worship and rest. Which is talked about in Isaiah, that such a people is yet to come, the repairers of the breech (Isaiah 58,12).

More Scripture is declared in Daniel 7,25, and we see that this was prophesied:

"25 He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time."

Now through these beasts described in Daniel, Lucifer has been successful in changing both the times and the law of SoNiNi, bringing in another Gospel all together. Now the scope of these changes in calendar encompasses many layers of deception and lies. Seemingly all units made to keep track of time has been manipulated and modified to tell a different tale. And as we said earlier, we also believe there has been a distortion in North and South, as directions as well. We have the Spirit of Truth with us and there is no more hiding of old and ancient things, all will come to light. Keep these words close to your heart, because there are those that will seek to take this knowledge from you, and steer you away from the true worship of the heavens.

Do all people then, thinking they worship SoNiNi Creator of all things, worship in vain then? Let us put it like this, if you do not know or have been presented with the truth you will not be judged for it. If you do know however and you walk away from it, that is on yourself. The East Gate is only open on Full Moon Days, Sabbaths and Appointed Times. How many do come to meet the Creator of The World at His Entrance these days?

So there you have it, we have repeated ourselves with purpose and great deliberation, did you get it now? The East Gate and its relation to the New Moon (which is the Full Moon) is a light set in the sky for a discerning human being, perhaps the final call for his flock, from the Shepherd to His sheep?

Daniel 12,9 might have been talking about this:

“Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.

So when this information is relayed to you, which voice do you hear?

John 10,27-28:

He has said: “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

Now only you have the freedom of mind to choose, hear his voice and investigate the Sabbath for yourself. Then meet Him at the East Gate - told to you by the Full Moon - at the foot of SoNiNi naNiNis mount Zion.

Cant wait to meet you there

Uxolo lube nani


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