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Caves of Makkada

So then in our everlasting searches for the places we read about in Scripture, we need to look closer at Makkada. This will be a short one, but it is a potential site for certain. Now this site still bears the name today (a little morphed as language tends to do after its conquerors) if you go to the Western Cape, and Makkedaat in Baviaanskloof. People familiar with our site, will no this very well that all of the Biblical locations we talk about are found Southern Africa. We say this on the recent influx of people writing to us from all over the world. And we can see clearly that SoNiNi is leading people to us through random internet searches and recommendations through friends. Makubenjalo !

We can read in Joshua Chapter 10,21-28:

21 After the fighting, Joshua’s men came back to him at Makkedah. Not one of the people in that country was brave enough to say anything against the Israelites.
22 Joshua said, “Move the rocks that are covering the entrance to the cave. Bring the five kings to me.” 23 So Joshua’s men brought the five kings out of the cave—the kings of Jerusalem, Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish, and Eglon. 24 When they brought the five kings to Joshua, he called all his men to come to that place. He said to the officers of his army, “Come here! Put your feet on the necks of these kings.” So the officers of Joshua’s army came close and put their feet on the necks of the kings.
25 Then Joshua said to his men, “Be strong and brave! Don’t be afraid. I will show you what SoNiNi will do to all the enemies you will fight in the future.”
26 Then Joshua killed the five kings and hanged their bodies on five trees. He left them hanging in the trees until evening. 27 At sunset Joshua told his men to take the bodies down from the trees. So they threw the bodies into the cave where the kings had been hiding and covered the entrance of the cave with large rocks. Their bodies are still in that cave today.
28 That day Joshua defeated Makkedah. He killed the king and the people in that city. No one was left alive. Joshua did the same thing to the king of Makkedah that he had done to the king of Jericho.

Brutal stuff hey. In this day and age this would be a straight up execution style. It beckons the question for believers and especially non-believers, was this justified? Only wisemen should venture down the road towards that answer. If you continue read a bit further, it says that their bodies are still in that cave too this day.

Now according to Scripture this (Makkeda) was a Kanaanite royal city, captured by Joshua whom completely destroyed the inhabitants there (Joshua 10,28). Now this place was supposed to be in the Land of Juda and the so-called Shephela of Juda (Sepela means to go in Pedi) as we see in Joshua 15,41. Now we are not going to include all the cities of Juda, as they are to numerous, but read on in Joshua 15,28-63 and you can clearly see them all mentioned. We have alluded before that the land of Juda would have included Bethlehem (Lesotho or Basotholand as is was called) and most likely as far down as Knysna in the Western Cape. Having the borders to all adjacent tribes drawn up by either unscalable mountains or rivers, and that is how we will find these old borders again. And the People will find them themselves, after they have turned from their ways, and come back to SoNiNi. Not before.

Now back to Makkada of Juda, which was remembered for the 5 Amorite Kings whom we remember as they did united for the destruction of Gibeon (that failed) was again defeated and pursued by Joshua. Now as the story goes we see men of Gibeon (a good length up and into lower Namibia) that came down to a camp at Gilgal. With several smaller battles and the fugitives that was chased down to the valley of Beth-Horon and down towards Makkada.

And in this pursuit going down is when Joshua commanded the heavenly light of the moon to stand still, the day SoNiNi obeyed man... (Joshua 10,12):

12 On that day SoNiNi gave Israel the victory against the Amorites. Joshua stood before all the Israelites and said to SoNiNi:
“Sun, stop over Gibeon. Moon, stand still over the Valley of Aijalon.”
13 So the sun did not move, and the moon stopped until the people defeated their enemies. This story is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky. It did not move for a full day. 14 That had never happened before, and it has never happened again. That was the day SoNiNi obeyed a man. SoNiNi naNiNi really was fighting for Israel!

If you are curious enough, and read the full story you see that the 5 kings did seek refuge in these here caves, and by Joshuas orders he blocked them with great stones until they had killed all the fugitives. Then he brought out the 5 royal captives and after the chiefs of Isaak had put their feet on their necks, Joshua killed them and hung (or impaled) their bodies on five trees until sunset. Now wether they were impaled or hung is another topic, but the bodies were eventually put in the very cave where they tried to hide.

More names of interested should locals try to examine places for themselves are Azeka, Gederoth, Beth-Dagon and Naama (Joshua 15,41). Remember names morph and change, but pronunciation is very often the best marker of ancient names. And in Southern Africa there are plenty of these remains.

Uxolo lube nani


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