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Al-Kuhl & Tabacc

So, who are these two entities? Alcohol and Tobacco, yes they are indeed spirits, which when your body gets used to will come to depend and rely on, on a regular basis... Dont think so? Do continue on if this intrigues you... and let me add proof to why this is so. I have alluded several places about several of the dire consequences of having but a moderate intake of alcohol or any other substances, it can and is detrimental to your overall health and is inherently not a good thing. It weakens the will and damages the liver, or the boldness (Sibindi) of a man or woman, which can go to the extent they become a nervous wreck, in other words a broken vessel. Oh, believe me, I have been there. Read into these things what you will, it is the truth nonetheless.

Let me just say this before we kick this off ; I am not seeking to judge a persons way of life or learned way of life, nor is it my intent to judge any man for any thing - I have no right to do this. I have been forgiven my past life and the extreme depths of sin I often revelled in. I am not telling you what you should or should not do. I have merely gather some experiences that I seek to share and elaborate on, give some insight into what I have gather thus far on this road set out before me by the one true King - So NiNi na NiNi.

I simply offer my perspective on different matters, that's what this blog is intended to do, give perspectives. As the saying goes we are often shown things that are beyond our current understandings, i.e., things we get later on in life (too some degree) which we just don't understand at this moment in time. Now some of these perspectives might just end up being of use for someone - others might be useless, regardless of your walk of life or in personal struggles. I do feel them, and I beg forgiveness and ask only the courtesy and gift of letting me share these insights, so that God again in turn can bless me and help me to move on.

Alcohol = al-kuhl

The consumption of alcohol is not only widely accepted in our day and age, but rather widely expected and it has become intrinsically implied in almost any social setting. Promoted heavily in all media outlets, advertisements showing glamorous lives which always has a glass of champagne, beer, liquor or wine readily available. It seems that the only way to have a good time in our programmed way of living includes or must include a beer or a glass of wine, for the picture to be complete. The mere fact that something becomes heavily promoted in the media and various adverts should make any sane human being skeptical and alert, though there are other reasons that will lead to the same conclusions. Being the linguistic creature that I have become, it is only right that we a closer etymological inspection at the word itself

ALCOHOL - this is actually and Arabic word, derived from `al-kuhl` which actually means, directly translated `seize`, `covered` or `to be covered` by someone or something. However, it can also mean Body Eating Spirit. Go check out sources on that one if you dare. Al-Kuhl serves as the original word for the English `ghoul`, which according to Middle Eastern folklore, is/was an evil desert demon believed to be a devourer of human bodies. Alembic and alcohol are metaphors for `aqua vitae` the so-called life water, which is commonly called `spirit` in English referring to a stilled liquid stemming from Middle Eastern Alchemy. If you check out the words of Jason Christoff, he goes far enough in describing the alchemic process alcohol is used to extract the soul essence of an entity. Its use was in the olden days, just as it is now, used in extracting essences for tings like essential oils and sterilisation of medical instruments and such. If you drink this stuff, put alcohol into the body it does in effect extract the very essence of the soul. This happens in such a fashion that the body is allowed and opened up to be much more susceptible to neighbouring entities, that all bare very low frequencies meaning they are of very bad character. So when people have to much to drink, they say things like they blacked out, having no memory of what happened. This can be explained in a way that the soul you was given here on earth, gets so polluted and dirtied that conditions become temporarily intolerable. The soul does in a way leave for a while, connected to nothing more than a tether (silver line) and the dark entities or a dark entity takes the body on for a ride, often some hedonistic and most likely egotistical pleasure and joy ride. Leaving the person with the question to answer the next day, what happened last night? Our bodies function much like carries for spirits, if one leaves another can take over taking the car for a ride. I have experiences this myself, roaming the streets at night looking for either pleasure or comfort. Thank God I dont no more.. Alcohol is the nr. one doorway drug, it literally opens doors for whatever nasty entity you are ready to welcome inn and give of your worship, to whatever debauchery you find yourself craving being a slave to. Dont fret though, there is always hope and a way out. Pray that So NiNi guides you out of your ways..

The share physical damages of things like alcohol and tobacco is also well known, which includes all kinds of liver damages, brain damages (Wernicke`s and Korsakoff`s syndrome), nicotine poisoning, respiratory and coronary (heart) diseases, circulation of the life giving blood ultimately gets destroyed, oh and not to mention the rebellious cancer cells going and growing uncontrollably. Thats all good and well, they both destroy the physical body. Good to know. But what about the spiritual body? What happens there ? Does smoking affect the nonmaterial, innermost core of a person?

If you investigate the research of Christopher Vasey, a naturopath set in Chamby-Montreux in Switzerland, you will get some explanations of the questions above and the dependency that comes with smoking. If you know about some of the below, it might become easier to overcome and free yourself from the addiction you find yourself under.

Tabacco = tabacc

Tobacco was unknown in Europe before the end of the 15th century and was probably introduced from the Americas by explorer Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) after the New World was claimed as discovered by the devout catholic in 1492. And even Though eunuch and navigator Zheng He (1371-1435) and his fleet reportedly chartered most of the know world a couple of decades earlier, the commerce of tobacco was traded nonetheless and seen as a rare and precious product initially and primarily used for medical purposes (herbal infusion). It soon became cultivated in countries such as Portugal and Spain, then went on to the rest of Europe. Just as its popularity grew, much like the cannabis scenery has lately, also cultivated (soon enough) many places in the world. In the 1520s though, it spread to North-America, the Antlles and Cuba. Through through selective breading (much like cannabis) a variety was adapted to the European climate and large scale cultivation began in then 1560s. In these days tobacco was snuffed as fine powder, absorbed though the mucous membrane in the nose or consumed as chewing tobacco. Pipe, cigar and cigarette smoking was quite rare however, but not to the indigenous peoples but to the western societies (the cigarette did not exist before 1670s). Saying that it escalated from its industrial scale in the 1840s until now, would be an understatement, counting 83 billion cigarettes in 2000. So from being a rare commodity it has become commonplace rather than something unusual.

As with many types of drugs, the active ingredients, such as nicotine does not only have a physical effect on the boy, the internal high obtained from smoking touches the psyche (the Spirit or Soul). How does this come about? To be short, through the blood, as you know Life is in the Blood (Leviticus 17,11), and life radiates from it. But hey, don't take the Bibles word for it (if ur one of those), then listen to people like Johann Goethe (1749-1832), he called it a `juice of a very special kind`. How it radiates depend on the composition of the blood. This is illustrated in things such as hypoglycaemia (drop in blood sugar level) which envois a feeling of uneasiness, again a lack of b-vitamins (such as B1 directly leads to anxiety, heavy metals such as lead or mercury triggers depression. Add some nicotine in the mix, its fairly easy to understand that nicotine changes the bloods radiance hence, it changes the person using it. Life is in the blood right?

Are we defenceless against all these earthly influences which can change our bloods radiation? Not a chance. The Spirit, which is The Spirit of the Almighty, exerts its influence of all kinds and variations of the bloods radiation. Although, this happens, as Manwele himself alluded, within. You know, the Kingdom is within all of you. This is also true. The way is full of dangers though. Almost all people possess the gift of being able to change your emotional state or the souls condition by some sort of effort or will. We call this, pulling yourself together or asking So NiNi specifically for help in a matter. If you start to pull yourself together (from this inner strength), you can cause hormone production and other sections to change their composition and frequency, hence changing the radiation of the blood. If you seek calm, you will find calm your body will produce endorphins as a result of the pressure exerted by The Spirit, which always comes from So NiNi.

Drugs are not substances which are totally foreign to the body, even if the body could not use a drug, some of them comes very close to mimicking the activity of endogenous substances, actually produced by the body itself. Some of them are in fact som similar that they can replace the bodys own substances. Thats what drugs do, they mimic stuff actually supposed to be going on in your body anyways. I have first hand experience with allot of substances, including: Alcohol, Tobacco, Speed, Amphetamines, MDMA, cocaine, morphine, psychedelics and off course, lost of Cannabis. Did they do me any favours? No. No net benefit at all. Damages are still there to be seen, not many will listen to sound advice however. Now, all These mimic or gave me something lacking in my life, which I now can see was many things. Lets take morphine, for instance, extracted from the opium poppy (milk of the poppy), which are very similar to endorphins, which again are endogenous hormones. Cannabis resembles a biocatalyst that is secreted in the brain. Hence its brainy effects, being stoned, creative, what have you. I would simply call it being puffed up, or even getting ahold of unearned wisdom. Which is a dangerous thing for some to handle. Nicotine in turn corresponds to acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that partly ensures that messages transmits from one nerve cell to another. So, when stresses or in a fear mode, there are two ways of getting back your calm, through an act which follows an impulse from the Spirit and causes the right reactions in the body, or by drugs - such as tobacco or nicotine which ARTIFICIALLY brings about an induced state of peace. You chose, So NiNi created and original anatomy or mans created anatomy.

This is why people chose the latter, it is attained with much more easy than to make the personal effort. The act of restraining or to do something of one's own will to achieve something does require effort. Which is what life is all about, personal efforts and accomplishments. But, not to ones own glory, but to the glory of So NiNi, The Most High. People choose the comfortable path however, which leads away from The Most High and His Promise, and towards the life of ease - which nowadays almost always includes a drug of some sort. There is a pill for that. This endangers his Spiritual development fer sure. Tobacco and alcohol (and many others) thusly has dire consequences for the Spirit, much like unearned wisdom, the spirit is falsely induced into a relaxed state of being or even well being. When in reality, it should be examining itself more closely.

I Hope this was useful for someone out there

Uxolo lube nawe

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