Poem - Imbongo

Forces of evil, forces of good,

So NiNi remains the same,


He cannot be fully understood.

In this world nor in the next,

His depth is beyond all

He is The Great Fall,

Immaculate -

He leaves us perplexed.

All that there ever was,

Forces of evil, forces of good,

God remains the same,

however misunderstood.

How can we imagine the things to come,

if cannot surrender to His love,

in the here and in the now.

Will we ever see?

What if you and I are meant to experience -

Such as this `Love your neighbour...`

You should not ask, whom might He be?

But rather turn around and then you will see.

Repenting, seeing, repenting and seeing..

That in this world and into the next,

we will become of the purest light, fixed for faithful work, not every day vexed.

Oh Mighty One,

My right hand and Comforter,

make my paths straight - lead on.

Lead on. Lead On... !

Show me the way - and I will follow,

teach me to pray - and I will not fall,

teach me wisdom - and let me understand.

You are The Way

The Truth

The Life

The Great I am that I am

So NiNi na NiNi

Forces of evil, forces of good,

So NiNi is same - and Salvation?

Is Free and for all people,

just as it should.