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Xhosa Words 5.0

Why bother learning Xhosa? Well if you read verses like Zakaryah 8,23, it becomes apparent that the Hebrews, is a people to be known and renowned. Why? Because it is obvious they are blessed, though some of them still live under the curses described in the Books of Moses. Most have heard the verses, I will bless those who bless you (the Seed of Abraham), and curse those who curse you (Gen 12,3). Bless the people (ABANTU).

The Xhosa will help you to understand phrases and cultural phenomenons that litturaly make NO SENSE in your language, beit English, Russian or even Chinese... Lets learn some Xhosa :)

Now, lets take a closer look at some of the prefixes in Xhosa.


U, I, ama, izo, oo, isi and ii

Umntu - person (the first person was called Ntu (not Adam) the Nature of Ntu, the first person, singular of Bantu, Ba (plural)-Ntu. Also the word Kwantu, Ezakwantu (roots), the original created being, a normal phrasing in Xhosa).

Umhambi - visitor (the nature of `Um` - a visitor)

Umhlambi - flock (He who loves me, feeds/tends/cleanses my flock, he told Kepha (Peter), who was always asking and Msindisi gave the nickname - Kepha).

Umoya - air/Spirit (Maya, means to travel, Yah means to go. The wind goes where ever it pleases, so it is with everyone born of the spirit - you just keep going !)

Umphefumlo - breath

Umsi - smoke (smoke symbolises a gathering, when something brews or is being burnt, people gather and are drawn to it)

Umgeresho - piece job (or a piece of a job)

Remember Moses (Musa, which means Mercy), who had two kids Mgeresho and Eliyeza, and Musa became a foreigner in a foreign land

Umveto, Umngoa, Umyimbo - pattern

Umzilo - mourning

Umngxunya - hole

Umzi - household

Umcimbi - traditional ceremony

Umnyango - door

Umnyama - rainbow

Umkhala - rein (horse)

Ulwazi - knowledge

Umkhondo - clue or hint

Umhlola - curseful act

Umgama - distance

Ukhozi - eagle

Umhedeni - atheist (possibly load word from Heathen)

Umthyoli - accuser (Xhosa done use Satan, Hebrew word for accuser or curser, the Bantu people say - Umthyoli)

Umhendo - temptation

Umtshato - marriage

Umehluko - difference

Umkhuba- bad habit

Umdiliya - grapes

Umchamo - urine

For the prefixes, they dont have any `set pattern`, can you name the below and what plural form they have in english?

The list below includes the aforementioned words, only with their plural form in parentheses.

Bottom on left is wrong, its actually sins, not morning*

I hope these last images did not make things too complicated, a slight comparison between Hebrew and Xhosa. In a future update will be explaining these better.

Uxholo lube nani

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