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Xhosa Words 3.0

The writing on the WALL spoken of in Daniel and the holy tongue of the Bible, the Xhosa language, is the same one spoken in the Black Panther.

Now we are approaching the more complicated DOUBLE words, which have baffled Biblical scholars for many years. Modern and ancient Hebrew (which was a Bantu language), has arguably little to nothing in common when it comes to pronunciation of words. Even the experts would agree on this. Some words do (generally) differ, though the essential message of the Old and New Testament would has been very much preserved and is pretty clear. So dont panic thinking everything has been changed or altered. The Almighty is in complete control, and the accuser (Umthyila or Satan as he is know), must ask for permission for everything he wants to do. The gospel is easy and can't be manipulated for someone who really wants to understand, though history has is another matter entirely.

However, there are discrepancies and scribal `artistic freedoms` that has been made in the due course of history, that are bound to bring forth confusion. Essentially, ancient peoples have been trying to understand ancient scrolls using a made up alphabet now with loanwords from all over the world (the moderne pagan languages English (Indo-European), Hebrew, Arabic, etc).

This poses great troubles when the so-called Old Testament brings forth its many renderings and complex double words, which originally must have been written in Xhosa (I mean have a look at the Hebrew in Job and Judges, extremely complex). The point is that much of the detailed historical information (cultural, historical, geographical) don`t make much sense in ancient Hebrew, so-called Aramaic and or even Phoenician for that matter. The picture becomes less complex and easier on the mind (without the need to add crazy systems like matres lectionis, shewa or dagesh rules). So, lets leave the middle east, and travel further south, towards Africa in search for a better understanding of these double-phrases (poetical tools) `hidden in plain sight` all over the Bible. Lets read them in a Bantu context, shall we :)

Tile Tile - this is a manoeuvre (doing a certain job or specific manoeuvre)

Mene Mene - which we have talked about before is a transgressor, or the more popularly understood hypocrite. If you want to know what kind of person this is, read Daniel 5,25 and the infamous writing on the wall`, to get a firmer grip of what kind of person this is describing, people saying to someone that they will do it this way and in the other moment they flip on you and say something else or do something else

Hasha Hasha - is aslo a form of transgressor only this person, if we are trying to describe people, is much more unstable (unstable person)

Krom Krom - Another transgressor, more of a crook or a mischievous character (crooked person)

Thyam Thyam - is a foolish person (inappropriate person)

Mporo Mporo - a person who talks and reveals secrets (a person who rants and tells all kinds of secrets in public)

Phuku Phuku - This is a spiritually blind person (a person who want see something even if its explained in the simplest of manners, a stubborn person)

Khazi Khazi - Glitz and glamor, perhaps easier understood in the Hollywood `bling, bling` euphemism (also feminine)

Menye Menye - this word means shiny

Qhantsu Qhantsu - disjointed, a work that for instance is half-assed or not well put together (second click, tongue in the roof of the mouth, creating a click from the roof of the mouth sounds something like a drop of water)

Tam Tam - this word means soft

Tofo Tofo - comfortable (like having a comfortable life)

Phinyi Phinyi - means a thick crowd (a crowd of people)

Ngxushu Ngxushu - a skirmish or fight (pronounces with the X-click, Nx)

No Zaku Zaku - an ambassador

Diki Diki - this word means luke warm (the reference to the Church of Laodicea - Lao (which is something mixed) Dika, Laodicea - luke warm church)

Foko Foko - a weak person

Kwai Kwai - someone who is fly, for instance always have their hair done and update on every cultural thing (a mod)

Maya Maya za - act guilty, averting eyes, showing guilty like a dog

Ntanya Ntanya - to act confused, looking around for someone or something in perhaps a crowd of people

Bhovu Bhovu - a strong and muscular person (good physique)

Ndongo Ndongo - though laws (a king with though laws)

Kram Kram - something brittle (like cartilage)

Krele Krele - someone intelligent

Bhanka Bhanka - the firmament of the sky

Fuku Fuku - something bushy

Jup Jup - this is something that is soft and stretchy

Mbeje Mbeje - things that are colourful

Bhuzu Bhuzu - a very committed person (like a football-fan, supporter)

Phaxa Phaxa - something splashy (related to liquid and water)

Oxo Oxo - is a toad (like the unclean Spirits in Revelation 16,13, who looked like toads or frogs. Pure coincidence that this also has been turned into a meme, meaning love or something to that effect, so weird...)

Atha Atha - a person who does not know how to handle situations, they fall over or have a severe case of `silly hands`

Uxolo lube nani

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