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The Name of the Almighty

His Name is important and mentioned copious times in the Old Testament, regardless of which country you are from or which variations of the Roman and or Canaanite god Jave (Yahweh, Johve, Jahve) you may have adapted into your own personal worship, it is not the true name of the Most High. The God of the ancient Hebrews, from the continent we today know as Africa (or Israel), has only one Name.

A Name which in Xhosa and Zulu is:

U So NiNi na NiNi

`I am That I am.`

The only name that has the power to make anything bow down, every knee will and must bend and be humbled before Him..

As for Hebrew scrolls vs. Xhosa scrolls, this is a a long and tedious study, with time we could take a deeper look at it. But it surely involves a deeper understanding of Greek (koine greek). Perhaps even in time comparing the two languages and revealing the old treasures for the Bible enthusiast, in a new and decreeable light. A topic to dive into for someone devoted !

Pray to the Father, uBawo uzophendula

Uxolo lube Nani

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