Xhosa words for everyday Life Part 1

Updated: May 19, 2019

This old (profoundly rich) and seemingly forgotten South-African language Xhosa, does (somehow) manage to sneak into popular culture nowadays.

Sicknesses like EBOLA, which actually means `to rott` and ZIKA (which means to sink), have all been derived from the ancient language XHOSA. You could argue that words like these, and others, seem stir some inner and deep places in the human `psyché`, or soul if you will. They certainly will change your life if you start to use them in your prayers and worship..

Lets begin by including some Xhosa words, in normal daily life or even in your prayers (relax all EASY ones, no clicks yet):



BAWO - Father (Call no man Father, which can also be `tata` like `papa`, which means BAWO is the variation of Father you are suppose to use on your Heavenly Father, So NiNi (Matthew 23,9).

MSINDISI - Saviour (Messiah)


MINI - Day

KUWE - To you (Kume, from me)


SONKA - Bread

BANTU - (The) People

ZONO - Sins

GAMA - Name

GAZI - Blood

MVANA - Lamb

MDALI - Creator or Ancient of Days (MDALA)

Examples of a prayer in with Xhosa words inserted.. just play with it, the Father - Bawo - will notice... (Thanks Johny John from youtube)

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