Beloved Disiple John - Luchanyana

Updated: May 19, 2019

The `beloved` Apostle Johns real name was Luchanyana - `Little Light` in Xhosa, the language which is the language spoken by the true ancient Hebrews from the pages the Bible. As taught world history will confirm, there is serious deception going on in the world, where people steal each others cultures and take each others lives for a piece of bread... just like the good book foretold.. perhaps, we`re nearing the end of years of lies and deceit. Nelson Mandela was born very close to the ancient city of Jerusalem (Umthatha), surrounded by mountains (Drakensberg), Psalm 125,2... please tell me where in the wartorn middle-east (Zoroasters land) this is suppose to be? They have every geographical place mentioned in the Bible changed and moved up to (or down to) certain areas of great importance in the ancient world. This picture of the purported area being Patmos in Greece, its not even a island, its a peninsula..

Compare the two and please take a look at their respective history.

I`ll leave the reasoning up to you. If you disregard historical hearsay, even historians do not have much proofs to bolster this claims, neither archeologically or geographically. If you disagree on South-Africa being the promised land in the first place, consider the area called the `promised land` today and see if there are any such promises. Are there lush areas or a diverse biological wildlife? You won't find it. What you will find though is large patches of barren land and an area mostly covered in desert and people in serious need of discussing/arguing and killing each other..

When it comes to John - Luchanyana (the little light) he was at the Island of Patmos when he received the revelation that be written down VERBATUM, and resulted in a now famous and very misunderstood book bearing the same name. This Island however, would most likely be the prison island today know as Robben Island, overlooking the Cape in the background (Table of Nations) The very same place Nelson Mandela was confined to for so many years of his life.

If you ask any Biblically oriented person they will with a certain amount of pride tell you the Island is somewhere in Greece, pointing it you on a map as a peninsula - overlooking nothing or having no historical importance... Its the wrong island. Might Robben island overlooking South-Africa be the real location?

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