Mene Mene Tekele Uphanzile

Updated: May 19, 2019

The infamous words written by NiNis hand in Daniel 5,25, will not make a lick of sense when read in the so-called ancient Hebrew (צקמקׁ). Truth be told, thats probably why it was left in the Bible by the translators of the ancient Xhosa scrolls. Either, it could not be translated or a more likely outcome - NiNi decided to leave it there as a clue for those who ponder. Whatever the case might be, if we apply Xhosa and look at the words, meaning for meaning, we will find a different though richer language, as the writing on the wall does mean something specific !

Mene Mene - transgressor (a trifler, jugler)

Tekele - yo go overboard, when someone is said to `itekele` it means to overboard (Itetyile means something is offside).

Uphanzile - means having your possessions taken away from you (you loose all your prosperity and wealth). You can also say uphalele, which means to loose all riches but was not dispossessed from previously having been rich.

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